NBA: LeBron honors George Floyd in Lakers’ milestone win


Posted at Aug 04 2020 11:37 PM

LeBron James arrived for the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Utah Jazz on Monday (US time) donning a black t-shirt with a special message printed on it.

The print shows a stopwatch with 8:46 on it, indicating how long the police officer kneeled on George Floyd's neck. There was the word "Minneapolis" printed below the watch.

James wore the shirt hours after a body camera video of Floyd's arrest surfaced, according to

"You think about 8 minutes and 46 seconds, an officer having his knee on someone's throat for that long. Video or no video, it doesn't matter," James said after the Lakers' 116-108 win over the Jazz.

The victory clinched for the Lakers the No. 1 in the Western Conference, their first time to accomplish the feat since 2010.

But James felt he needed to push a message bigger than the game itself.

"No one deserved to lose their life when it could have been prevented from what I've seen and from what the world has seen. So that's what the T-shirt is all about: The world is watching. Everyone knows the time. Everyone knows what's going on," said James, who scored 22 points on 9-of-16 shooting, to go with 9 assists and 8 rebounds versus the Jazz.

"There were so many conversations before we got here that this right here, the bubble, us playing basketball would take away from the main thing.

"I think it's been the absolute opposite of that. It's given us the opportunity to every single day speak about, feel passionate about whatever is going on in your personal life, whatever is going on in society, us trying to make a change. Being dynamic. Being heard. And using this platform, which is the NBA, the most popular game in the world."

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