DFA warns of new human trafficking scheme in Dubai


Posted at Nov 22 2018 08:27 PM

MANILA- The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warned Filipino job seekers Thursday on a new human trafficking scheme by syndicates in Dubai.

The warning was issued in light of the recent rescue of two Filipinos in Basra, the DFA said.

Trafficking syndicates have allegedly been luring victims by offering to shoulder their travel to Dubai where high-paying jobs are supposedly waiting for them.

Victims then enter Dubai using tourist visas and are made to work without pay supposedly as part of their "training," the DFA said.

Once the visas of the victims are about to expire, they are asked to accept jobs in Iraq or pay the syndicates $3,000 which was supposedly spent on their deployment in Dubai.

The DFA said the victims are trafficked through Erbil in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and then smuggled to Baghdad or Basra. 

Filipinos were also reminded anew of the deployment ban to Iraq and were advised to check with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration for job opportunities abroad.