Pinoy women's group brings PH culture closer to Korea

Wendy Palomo

Posted at Sep 02 2017 10:01 AM

A group of Filipino women in South Korea recently organized a series of activities for its annual “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” celebration that highlighted Philippine culture.

The Philippine Women’s Club’s (PWC) “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” delivered fun and educational activities to various audiences, bringing closer to Korea the annual celebration held back home every August.

In this year's celebration, weekends throughout August were filled with various activities, drawing people from different walks of life who were interested to learn about Philippine culture.

Children under the Global Youth Fair (GYF) attended the first session in a series of interactive lectures on Filipino Culture held on Aug. 12. The children learned about the Philippines through its national language, dances, songs, food and games.

The GYF is a registered non-government organization whose mission is “training youth with various communication skills, developing youth competency to solve problems creatively and training youth for the stage of a unified Korea”.

On Aug. 19, PWC hosted the Philippine native jewelry class at the Itaewon Global Village Center. Participants were a mix of those from the foreign community, Koreans and fellow Filipinos who appreciated the craftsmanship and materials that came all the way from the Philippines.

On Aug. 24 and 26, teams of PWC members delivered an interactive lecture to children of the Yegaram Orinijip and Hwagok Jumin Center. The children were easy to teach and were appreciative of the Filipino language, dances, songs and games that PWC members taught them.

As part of Philippine language appreciation, the PWC also featured original compositions of featured writers on its Facebook page.


About the Author:

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