Pinoys in Italy urged to take extra care amid heatwave

Mye Mulingtapang, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 29 2019 10:02 AM

Exeptional heatwave in Europe breaking temperature records. Mye Mulingtapang

MILAN, Italy – The Philippine Consulate General in Milan advised Filipinos to to protect themselves from the heatwave that is being experienced not just in Italy but in Europe.

In a reminder posted on its Facebook page, the Philippine Consulate General said Filipinos should remain hydrated and limit outdoor activities to avoid exposure to the sun.

It urged Filipinos to use umbrellas, hats and sunglasses when going out.

The heatwave is expected to tighten its grip in Europe in the coming days.

On Thursday, the maximum temperatures were recorded between 34 and 39 degrees Celsius and peaked at 42 in the Northwest part of the Italy.

Six Italian cities were on red alert on Thursday and another 10 joined them Friday, including Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Naples and Milan.

The Ministry of Health has issued its maximum warning for the elderly, children under three, as well as people in poor health about risks of dehydration, sunstroke, sunburn and exhaustion.

Weather conditions are also record-breaking in the Alpine region, where various stations have recorded temperatures never measured to date: several at 1500 meters of altitude have reached and exceeded the threshold of 30 degrees Celsius.

In 2003, Europe was hit by a massive heatwave which killed 18,000 people in Italy.