Children's rights group calls for positive discipline to prevent bullying


Posted at Dec 21 2018 06:12 PM

MANILA - A children's rights group on Friday urged parents and school authorities to implement positive discipline to "help prevent bullying" as this establishes a warm and nurturing environment.

International non-government organization Save the Children made the statement after a video of an Ateneo Junior High School student apparently bullying his classmate went viral on social media.

Save the Children Philippines said positive discipline "eliminates all forms of physical and humiliating punishment against children."

“We need to understand that a child might bully another due to difficulties in managing anger, aggression, non-tolerance for individual differences, experiences of violence at home, or the lack of good role models at home,” said Wilma Banaga, children protection advisor of the group's Program Development Quality.

“Parents need to find the time to build a loving relationship with their children and provide them the necessary guidance for them to grow up to be caring and non-violent individuals, and not children who accept that it is alright to hurt others."

The group has been advocating for the enactment of the Positive Discipline bill, which both chambers of Congress have ratified.

Three out of 5 Filipino children experience bullying, the group said, citing the 2015 National Baseline Study on Violence against Children (NBSVAC) by the Council for the Welfare of Children.

Banaga also sought protection for the privacy of the students involved in the bullying incident, saying sharing the video and calling for harsh punishments for the perpetrator were themselves acts of cyber-bullying.