The ANC Brief: Veep explains statement


Posted at Oct 28 2019 04:00 AM

Vice President has clarified her recent statement on the drug war. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today.

The Vice President has clarified her recent statement on the drug war. According to Leni Robredo, she actually said the Duterte administration’s drug war should be reassessed but not halted. But Robredo said she is maintaining her criticism of the drug war. Robredo was quoted by a wire service as saying it was time for the government to halt the failed drug war. She will be the guest on ANC’s Headstart to explain her recent statements.

Peralta’s prize
Today is the first flag raising ceremony for new Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta. ANC will monitor any statement he might give. Peralta has never voted against the Duterte administration. Peralta, an Ilocano, was also ponente of the decision to allow a hero’s burial for former President Ferdinand Marcos. In his interview for the post, Peralta also said he “deserved” to be Chief Justice.

On a roll
Speaking of the Marcoses, they are on a roll as the Sandiganbayan dismissed another Marcos case recently. The dismissal of the P267 million ill-gotten wealth case came at the heels of the dismissal of a P102 billion case involving crony Roberto Benedicto in August and a P1 billion case involving Bienvenido Tantoco. Former human rights commission chair Etta Rosales will be on ANC’s Early Edition to give her views on this.

Code of conduct
The Palace recently confirmed the attendance of President Duterte at the upcoming ASEAN Summit in November in Bangkok, Thailand. The Stratbase Institute will be holding a forum today on the need for a code of conduct in the West Philippine Sea and building partnerships among ASEAN members. ANC will bring the salient points of the discussion.

Perfect combination
What wine should you pair with what dish? A wine expert tells ANCX that it’s OK to go beyond the “red wine with red meat” and “white wine with seafood” rules, and instead, go by what taste sensations you’re after.