The ANC Brief: Legal battles loom on Sanchez case


Posted at Aug 26 2019 04:00 AM

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to create a task force to review guidelines for good conduct allowances for inmates. Here are the big stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Legal battles
The Sarmenta family wants to make sure Antonio Sanchez doesn’t get to walk out of prison anytime soon. Clara Sarmenta, mother of Eileen Sarmenta, said they would file a petition before the courts to block the release of Antonio Sanchez. But did the Justice Department’s flip-flopping on Sanchez’ possible release help the convicted rapist and killer? According to Sen. Franklin Drilon, Sanchez can run to the Supreme Court to secure his release due to the Justice Department’s conflicting interpretations of the law on good time and conduct allowances (GTCA) of inmates. The DOJ is said to be “seriously” considering suspending the processing of GTCA applications.

Sea passage
Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio and Vice President Leni Robredo called on President Duterte to sign the Archipelagic Sea Lanes Passage bill to manage the passage of foreign ships in our waters. Meantime, the U.S. and members of ASEAN are set to hold their first-ever joint maritime exercises.

Rains from “Ineng”
Rains from Tropical Storm “Ineng” flooded the runway of NAIA Terminal 4. In Ilocos Norte, the weather system left two people dead and P300 million in damage. ANC will continue to monitor this weather system and the damage in its wake.

President Duterte is scheduled to be at the National Heroes Day celebration in Taguig at 8 a.m. National Heroes Day comes as the debate rages over the revival of the ROTC program for college students. ANC will be ready to air the president’s speech live. He might talk about the Sanchez case again and his upcoming trip to China.

Memories of a barfly
Penman extraordinaire and recently retired academic Butch Dalisay just came out with a new collection of stories called Voyager and Other Fictions. In this rare interview with ANCX, the man muses about pens, movies, martial law, and the lost tradition of writer-politicians.