LOOK: LGBT people in Eastern Samar make stand with Pride pedestrian lane


Posted at Jun 01 2019 09:43 PM

Members of the San Julian Pride Advocacy Group Inc. pose at the pride pedestrian crossing in Eastern Samar. San Julian Pride Advocacy Group Inc.

MANILA—In celebration of Pride month, a pedestrian lane painted with rainbow colors was inaugurated on the national highway of San Julian town, Eastern Samar.

San Julian Pride Advocacy Group Inc., in a Facebook post, said the crossing signifies that the town is a safe space for members of the LGBT community.

"It is a strong assertion of our LGBT+ identity in our rural setting — that we will not be rendered invisible, we will see and will be seen; we will not be silenced, we will amplify our voice; we will not be set aside, we will claim our equal place at the table," the group said.

"Its location on a national highway signifies that this Pride crosswalk does not belong only to San Julian Pride or our municipality - it transcends our local geographic boundaries."


The group called for the immediate passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality Bill, which is still under interpellation in the Senate.