Robredo ratings drop in Mindanao, ABC not surprising: Pulse

RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 18 2017 01:46 AM

The decline in Vice-President Leni Robredo's survey ratings in Mindanao and the upper ABC classes was not surprising after her video message criticizing the administration's war on drugs and the looming impeachment complaint against her, a Pulse Asia research director said on Monday.

In the latest survey by the polling body, Robredo had a double-digit decline in the aforementioned subgroups, though she and the other four top country officials retained their approval and trust ratings.

Pulse Asia Research Director Ana Tabunda explained that the opinions of these subgroupings may have been swayed by her statement criticizing the war on drugs, the looming impeachment case against her, and the differences between her and President Rodrigo Duterte.

"Maaring ito'y dahil sa video sa UN commission, may nasabi si VP Leni. Maaari din yung sa iba nakikita nila na iyung charges ng sa impeachment case against her nakikita nila lumalawak yung pagkahiwalay ng presidente at bise-presidente so maaring iyun iyung mga issues," she said.

Tabunda said Mindanao is also Duterte's bailiwick.

"Tingin ko kunektado iyun dahil ang sinusuportahan talaga ng Mindanao ay ang presidente. Sumusuporta ang Mindanao sa Cabinet to the extent [na] may kumpiyansa pa si Presidente sa Cabinet members," she said.

The survey occurred amid the filing of an impeachment case against Duterte, the testimony of SPO3 Arturo Lascanas on extra-judicial killings, and Robredo's criticisms on the war on drugs.

The country's top 3 officials remained appreciated and trusted by a majority of the 1,200 respondents nationwide.

Duterte enjoyed an advantage of about 20 points in terms of his approval and trust ratings. Duterte has an approval rating of 78, undecided at 15, and disapproval at 7 nationally.

Robredo has an approval rating of 58, undecided at 25, and disapproval at 16—-the highest among the top officials of government.

Pimentel's approval rating is 55, undecided at 35 and disapproval at 8, Alvarez has an approval rating of 40, undecided at 41 and disapproval at 14, while Sereno has an approval rating of 42, undecided at 41, and disapproval at 11.

Nationally, these officials saw single digit movements from their ratings in December.

In terms of trust ratings, 76 percent said they have big trust on Duterte, 18% undecided at 5 percent small or no trust, 56 percent said they have big trust on Robredo, 28 percent undecided at 16 percent with small or no trust—-the biggest among the top officials.

Around 51 percent said they had big trust in Pimentel, 39 percent undecided and 8 percent with small or no trust. 37 percent said they had big trust in Alvarez, 44 percent undecided at 15 percent said they had small or no trust. 40 percent said they had big trust in Sereno, 43 percent undecided and 12 percent with small or no trust. Similarly there were only single digit declines in the national ratings of these officials.

Tabunda isn't surprised that Duterte's survey numbers are better than Alvarez's or Sereno's because these positions hardly undergo scrutiny.

The margin of error for the survey is +-3% at the 95% confidence level.