After Duterte tirade, Malabon mayor boasts of track record in fighting drug problem


Posted at Apr 03 2019 02:13 PM | Updated as of Apr 03 2019 02:16 PM

MANILA - Malabon City Mayor Antolin "Lenlen" Oreta III on Wednesday boasted of his administration's track record in fighting the drug problem, a day after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to have him arrested if he failed to rid the city of illegal drugs.

"Even before the President declared his war against illegal drugs, Malabon City has been conducting its own anti-illegal drug campaign, and in recent years, our city was even recognized by no less than the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on multiple occasions," Oreta said in a statement.

Oreta said that out of the 21 barangays in Malabon, 9 or 40 percent have been declared as "drug-cleared."

“Through continuous efforts from the local authorities and communities, we have always envisioned Malabon City as one of the first 100 percent drug-cleared cities in Metro Manila, which is why majority of Malabonians choose to fight alongside us and stay the course,” he said.

He added that Malabon has the highest number of anti-illegal drug programs in the whole of Metro Manila.

"PDEA can attest to the fact that Malabonians do not and will never tolerate drug abuse," he said.

During a campaign rally of PDP-Laban in Malabon City on Tuesday, Duterte gave Oreta a month to "clean up" the city from illegal drugs or he will have him arrested.

Duterte issued the statement as he campaigned for Malabon City Vice Mayor Jeannie Sandoval, Oreta’s opponent for the mayoralty race in the May polls.

Oreta, who belongs to the opposition Liberal Party, is seeking to be reelected for a third and final term this May.