Philhealth: We will cover costs of treatments of COVID-19 patients until April 14


Posted at Apr 01 2020 06:11 PM

MANILA - The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) said Wednesday it will continue to cover the cost of treatment for all patients with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) until April 14, 2020.

In a statement, Philhealth explained they set a deadline for the shouldering of costs "due to the novelty and the wide range of severity" of COVID-19 case in the country for "which no existing case rate or package based on accepted protocols hast yet been established."

"Philhealth is confident that by the above-mentioned date, more about the behavior of the disease in the Philippine can be learned, a final protocol established and an appropriate case rate developed that will provide adequacy and sustainability to the anti-COVID-19 campaign," it said.

The state health insurance agency added it will issue a new set of guidelines "which will include the appropriate case rate and protocol" in addressing COVID-19.

"Philhealth wished to assure Filipinos that even under the period of this pandemic, it intends to fulfill its mandate under the Universal Health Care Law of providing adequate health service to all Filipinos when needed," it said.

Philhealth earlier said it was offering "isolation package" and "referral package" for its members and dependents with possible symptoms of the coronavirus.

Dr. Shirley Domingo, vice president of PhilHealth's Corporate Affairs Group, said patients under observation for the coronavirus or those under "isolation package" are entitled to P14,000.

Those referred to hospitals capable of performing isolation procedures and manage infectious diseases or those under "referral package" are entitled to P4,000.

Patients exhibiting moderate pneumonia due to COVID-19 are entitled to P15,000 while those with severe pneumonia are entitled to P32,000, Domingo said.

Covered by the package are those admitted starting Jan. 31.

The No Balance Billing (NBB) policy, which enables the vulnerable sectors of the program such as the poor and the elderly to pay no more in excess of their PhilHealth coverage when confined in government facilities, will be applied to COVID-19 claims.