Ombudsman reinstates Cebu town mayor dismissed for misconduct

Joworski Alipon, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 15 2017 08:22 PM

CEBU — The Office of the Ombudsman in Visayas has reinstated Dumanjug Mayor Efren Gica after the anti-graft office dismissed the town official for grave misconduct and dishonesty.

Lawyer Maria Corazon Naraja, spokeswoman for the Ombudsman, said the office considered the claim raised by Gica in his motion for reconsideration stating he did not receive a copy of the Order for Counter Affidavit.

"Taking into account respondent’s assertion that he had not received, personally or otherwise, a copy of the Order and its attachments, in the interest of substantial justice and due process, there is necessity to furnish him with the same to accord him the opportunity to refute the charges against him and for a more judicious resolution of the cases,” the resolution read.

The Ombudsman added that Gica is not completely vindicated from the case, as he was given 10 days to file his counter affidavit.

The case stemmed from a complaint filed by Nelson Garcia, Gica's political opponent and former Dumanjug mayor, in 2014. Gica was the town's vice mayor then.

Garcia alleged that Gica altered the amount in a restaurant receipt during an official function with village officials.