25 days to Christmas: Have a cheese party for the holidays

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Nov 30 2017 06:15 AM

Happy Tummy Travels-styled La Petite Fromagerie spread. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

MANILA -- To enjoy a decent cheese board (or plate), you usually have to go to a buffet at a five-star hotel or you make your own. 

In these fast-paced times though where no one has the time, La Petite Fromagerie’s cheese buffet services are a godsend to party planners. 

From the same company that gave us another Christmas staple, Plaza premium hams, La Petite Fromagerie has been in the forefront of Manila’s "cheesy food movement." It was the first to offer raclette buffet services, and products like its golden cheeseboards, and the scrumptious truffle butter spread. 

Recently, together with the Poblacion Dining Room, Proudly Promdi Liquors, and Swizzle Mobile Bar, La Petite Fromagerie offered cheesy and boozy weekend brunches with a cheese spread alongside dishes from chef Mickey Garcia. 

The brunch featured delectable plated courses from watermelon salads speckled with white cheese, to unforgettable grilled ensaymada topped with raclette, or pasta tossed with truffle butter, and paired with cocktails made with local liquor like tapuey and lambanog. 

Pasta with truffle butter. Photo by Jeeves de Veyra

Naturally, there's La Petite Fromagerie’s cheese buffet, providing cheesy respites (like fried camembert topped with Italian truffle honey) in between courses. It was an experience that was definitely worth getting up early on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning for. 

While the weekend brunch is on a temporary hiatus, cheese-lovers can still get their cheese fix by including La Petite Fromagerie’s cheese buffets in their next party.

The buffet is styled by Chichi Tullao of Happy Tummy Travels, who guarantees an "Instagrammable" party that will make any event even more memorable. Tullao is the winner of the this year’s My Chef’s Table Netflix Instagram contest, which asked Instagrammers from around the world to post a photo that "encapsulates their love of food." She actually won with a photo of a snippet of La Petite Fromagerie’s cheese buffet spread in one of the weekend brunches.
A curated and styled buffet for 100 people includes seven cheeses (Manchego, Chabichou, Reblochon, and Bleu D’ Auvergne, to name some), and truffle butter, to be enjoyed with a spread of crackers, crostinis, and breadsticks, fruit, nuts, grapes, truffle honey from Italy, and assorted charcuterie. 


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The package also includes a raclette station -- one of La Petite Fromagerie’s specialties – with bubbly cheese scraped onto classic fix-ins like marble potatoes, cornichons and pearl onions, with add-on options available like wine, cocktails, or even a Plaza Ham carving station. 

Want to take something to your next party? While a bottle of truffle butter with some bread is a handy option, La Petite Fromagerie also has cheeseboards (with four or more cheeses with the works) that you can order online. 

Indeed, cheesy Christmas parties now come easy, thanks to La Petite Fromagerie.