Young, educated, night owl: Survey looks at ‘Filipino digital mom’


Posted at Nov 14 2019 06:32 PM

MANILA – Today’s “Filipino digital mom” no longer considers friends and family as a primary source of parenting information, a survey showed.

Singapore-based community app AsianParent released on Wednesday the results of its Digital Moms Survey which involved 1,038 respondents, most of them aged 21 to 30 years old.

It showed that 46% of moms turn to social media – particularly Facebook groups – for parenting information and tips, followed by mobile apps at 27%.

“Only 10% of moms today ask advice from friends and family. They go online now,” noted Carla Perlas, AsianParent’s regional head of content. 

“They want to know, ‘Hey moms, did you experience this?’ We get a lot of questions on our app. ‘Sino ang nakaranas ng ganito? Normal ba ito?’”

Perlas went on to describe the Filipino digital mom as “young and educated,” with 65.2% of them being college graduates.

She also pointed out that the respondents are mostly “social media addicts” and “night owls” as they spend most of their time on social media starting at 9 p.m., after putting their kids to bed.

“Fifty-three percent of moms said they only watch TV once in a while now. So it’s really the internet, that’s where they go,” she said. 

Perlas continued: “She wants to get advice and recommendations, and she wants to engage with other moms. They want to say hi, they want to vent, or they want to brag like, ‘Look at my child, he got a prize in school.’ That’s why they go to these platforms to connect with fellow moms who experience what they are experiencing.”


The AsianParent survey has labeled the Filipino digital mom as a “chief household officer,” with 88% of respondents saying they call the shots when it comes to purchasing decisions at home and taking care of the family.

But there are still other areas where she remains conservative, such as mode of payment (75% prefer cash versus G-cash at 7% and credit card at 5%), shopping habits (physical stores at 57% versus online shops at 43%), and where they get baby items (70% physical stores versus 30% online).

Perlas attributed this to the limited combined household income of Filipino digital moms. According to the survey, 53% said their family only earns around P30,000 a month.

“She is still an experiential shopper… If you’re buying, let’s say nipples for baby bottles, you want to see if it’s not too tough, if it’s soft enough, or is the hole too big. You have a lot of questions and you want to be able to ask the store manager and get instant answers,” she said.

“She has to be matipid, talagang dapat sulit ‘yung binabayad niya… because she really has to budget the income that they have.”

While they generally go to malls for their daily needs, many of the respondents (66%) said they tend to buy baby items in bulk whenever there are special deals offered by websites like Lazada and Shopee.

And these are the top three items in her shopping cart – diapers (48%), baby clothes (20%), and milk (15%).