Vagnet, vegchon, vacon, and more: Catch these plant-based treats at VegFest Pilipinas

Celine Murillo

Posted at Nov 14 2019 06:34 AM

This all-vegan spread showcases some of the food products that will be available at VegFest Pilipinas 2019. Celine Murillo

MANILA -- VegFest Pilipinas will return for its fourth run at the BGC Arts Center on November 16 to 17. 

Touted as the “biggest vegan festival in Asia,” the two-day event will feature a total of 150 all-vegan merchants showcasing a whole host of food and non-food items free of any animal products. 

This year’s theme “Live Kindly for the Community” celebrates going vegan for animal rights, for health, and for the environment. 

“We will prove that we don’t have to sacrifice compassion to enjoy good and delicious food,” chef RG Enriquez of the blog Astig Vegan said at the recent media launch for the event held in conjunction with the weekly Good Food Sundays Market at Mandala Park in Mandaluyong. 

With just about 40 merchants in its pilot installment in 2016, VegFest Pilipinas has enjoyed a steady rise in its community. According to Jana Sevilla, one of the event organizers, this year marked a 50% increase in participating merchants.

“This means that more and more Filipinos are looking for wholesome, plant-based products,” Sevilla noted. 

Here’s a roundup of what’s in store at VegFest Pilipinas Year 4!

Siomai, dumplings and other goodies by Vegan Republic. Celine Murillo

1. Filipino classics with a veganized twist

Palabok, siomai, fresh lumpia, and adobo are some Pinoy classics Vegan Republic will be bringing to the table. Karunas Kitchen, meanwhile, will offer escaveche, malunggay fritters, and binagoongan. 

Chickpea Buddha bowl by Gaia. Celine Murillo

2. Rice-is-life rice bowls

Gaia by Vego will be sure to fill guests with its selection of Buddha Bowls. Purple Yam’s mixed grain bowl will also be a great way to enjoy our favorite food staple. Oh, and Rice Pinas will also have a pop-up store where you can get rice straight from our farmers!

Planted' s Vegan Burgers. Celine Murillo

3. Plant-based sandwiches

Planted will bring its Falafel, Corned Beet, and Chorizo burgers, while In a Nutshell will offer Brie and Cranberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich, as well as Vegan Cheese Burger. The Green Bar Cafe will also be selling its Wild Thing Burger.

Vutcher's Vacon. Celine Murillo

4. Compassionate comfort food

Vutcher’s vacon, Indulge’s pizzas,The Greenery Kitchen’s sisig, and The Good Choices’ vagnet will all be available to satisfy your meat cravings (but without the actual meat)!

Veganized betamax, taba, and barbecue. Celine Murillo

5. Pinoy street food

If you think you’d miss out on isaw and barbecue when you go vegan, think again! The Real Veggie Guys, Vegetari, and The Good Choices all offer vegan-friendly versions of these favorite Pinoy street food. Vutcher will also be bringing its highly requested “chickun skin.”

Breaded mushrooms by The Good Juice. Celine Murillo

6. Fiber-rich finger food

For something light and easy to snack on, Indulge’s Broccoli bites, The Good Juice by Ghia’s Breaded Mushroom, and Vegetari’s Seaweed, and Mushroom Cracklings will be on offer at the event.

Donuts by Green Bar Cafe. Celine Murillo

7. Plant-based desserts

Mango Biscoff, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Banana Cream Pie are some of the exciting flavors Ambassador’s Ice Cream will be offering to festival goers. Miuccia will also be bringing its wildly popular donuts, while The Green Bar Cafe will serve cupcakes and donuts as well. Dark choco tarts by Antojitos will also be available. Delicielo will also whip up dairy- and egg-free cakes.

Dairy-free cheese plate by In a Nutshell. Celine Murillo

8. Dairy-free cheese and spreads

A variety of cheese made from pili and cashew nuts is what In a Nutshell will be bringing to the event. There’s mozarella, pepper jack, smoked gouda, and cheddar! The Real Happy Cow’s Pimiento Cashew Cream Cheese, Egg-free Mayo, Four-Herb Cashew Cream Cheese, and Dairy-free Cheese Powder will be also available.

Colorful Kombucha by Boocha Mama. Celine Murillo

9. Happy healthy drinks

To wash all the good food down, The Green Jar will be serving freshly-made smoothies, while Organique California will be bringing its Acai Premium Blend. The Good Juice by Ghia will be squeezing some fresh orange, and lemon juice, and Boocha Mama, and Figg’s Kombucha will be offering gut-friendly brews.

Sayote pickles and Palapa by Purple Yam. Celine Murillo

10. To-go goodies

And since the Holidays are fast-approaching, what better way to celebrate it by giving your loved ones the gift of plant-based, cruelty-free products? Zero Basics’ vegan skin care line will be available at the festival, as well as Jack’s Produce’s Spanish-style “Sardines.” You can also grab Quorn’s plant-based fillets and burger patties. Sayote Goji Pickle, and Palapa from Purple Yam will also be available. Fresh Fellas’ sweet vegan snacks will be on offer, too.