How Bogart the Explorer lost 100 pounds in 9 months


Posted at Nov 07 2018 06:26 PM


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MANILA – Bogart the Explorer has significantly slimmed down – by 100 pounds, to be exact.

Many of his fans were surprised and could not help but flood the Internet star’s social media pages with questions on how he went “from fat to fit.”

Putting all of their questions to rest, Bogart the Explorer – or Marco Ho in real life – opened up about his weight loss journey in a YouTube video on Tuesday.

Speaking with the humorous Australian accent he has become known for, he revealed that it was his daughter who motivated him to shed unwanted pounds.

“I did it because of my daughter,” he said. “When she was born, I honestly told myself that I want to be there for when she grows up.”

“Eventually, I realized that I was also doing it for myself,” he continued. “When I did lose a significant amount of weight, I realized that I could move a lot better, I could do a lot more things.”

It took Bogart the Explorer nine months to lose 100 pounds – a journey that he compared to being “reborn.”

When asked to share how he did it, the comedian replied: “I found a good combination between intermittent fasting, and surfing and skating.”

Watch his tell-all in the video below:

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