Movie review: Fanboys will love 'My Hero Academia: Two Heroes'

Fred Hawson

Posted at Nov 06 2018 02:27 PM

I had no idea what this anime "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes" was all about when my son was clamoring for us to go watch it. The anime art work of the characters I saw on the poster did not exactly appeal to me. Anyhow, my son's choice prevailed because it was the only one that could fit our schedule, so I kept my fingers crossed that I somehow get to understand and like this one as well.

All-Might is the most powerful superhero in the world. He was invited by his old friend Dr. David Shield to visit I-island, a place where scientists like David study Quirks (a term used to call powers possessed by people). He brought along his young apprentice Izuku Midoriya (hero name: Deku), with whom he had shared his Quirk called One for All. This generous gift has somehow caused All-Might to feel weak and sluggish.

While there, while All-Might was being examined by David, Deku gets shown around by David's daughter and budding scientist Melissa. They meet a number of their hero classmates who were also visiting or working on the island. Meanwhile, a super-villain Wolfram and his minions take over the island's security system to hold all the professional heroes hostage. It was up to the young heroes-in-training to save the day. 

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It took time for me to catch on to the story and the myriad of characters, frequently needing to ask clarificatory questions from my son, who was a fan of the anime series. Fans all around us were enjoying the moments when a new character would show up on screen and display the Quirk and personality they were known for. There were some characters who seemed to be more popular with the girls than others.

Once I got the drift of the plot, this was quite an exciting superhero film to watch. The superpowers of the young heroes were quite interesting, and had limitations. Ash-blond Katsuki Bakugo had his sweat of nitroglycerin. White and crimson-haired Shoto Todoroki had half-fire, half-ice powers in his hands. Bespectacled Tenya Iida had jet-engine legs, Sweet Ochako Uraraka can make things float. Momo Yaoyorozu can create weapons from her body. Red-haired Eijiro Kirishima can harden his body for invincibility. Funny little Minoru Mineta had his adhesive balls.

It may not be advisable to watch this film without any knowledge about the manga or anime series, or at least have someone with you who can answer your questions. More particularly, the story of Deku (formerly one of the only 20% of humanity without a Quirk), and the power he received from All-Might is the prerequisite backstory needed to fully appreciate the story. For an old-timer like me: 7/10. For fanboys like my son: 10/10.

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