‘A flame that lit up the room’: Brother pays tribute to Carlos Celdran


Posted at Oct 17 2019 06:40 PM


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MANILA – A beautiful eulogy for cultural activist Carlos Celdran has been making the rounds on social media.

The tribute was written by no less than Carlos’ older brother, Miguel, and was posted on Facebook by their sister Denise on Thursday.

Miguel described Carlos as “a flame that lit up the room” because of his deep convictions which, at some point, he tried to dilute as his way of protecting him.

“In the interest of his self-preservation, many times I pleaded him to end his relentless campaign. ‘You’ve made your point, bro, now just shut up already and just be a bloody tour guide-slash-artist.’ But he wouldn’t have it. He possessed a conviction I have read about in great men. He embodied the phrase, ‘This world was not made a better place by people who watched on the sidelines,’” he said.

And while he acknowledged that his brother had his flaws, Miguel praised Carlos because “he never apologized for being who he was.”

“Whether you thought he was right or wrong, he made you think, and think again,” he said. “He had the conviction to stand up for his beliefs despite the cost. He made me question my own limited beliefs as to what was possible.”

“History is littered with failed stories of men challenging the norms, and only time will tell how much exactly he made a difference. But what is indisputable is the difference he made us all feel,” he added. “I believe history will treat him kindly, much better than when he was amongst us.”

Carlos’ wife Tesa confirmed early this month that the cultural activist passed away at the age of 46 while on self-exile in Madrid, Spain.

He is known to many for his “Walk This Way” tour of Intramuros, as well as his “Damaso” stunt against the Catholic church in 2010.

Read Miguel’s eulogy for Carlos below: