This young actress just celebrated Naruto's birthday


Posted at Oct 11 2018 11:32 AM

MANILA – While most local celebrities are vocal about their love for Hollywood personalities or K-drama stars, this young actress is obsessed with a fictional ninja.

Andrea Brillantes took to Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate the birthday of Naruto, the titular character of a popular manga and anime series.

She is seen donning a yellow orange shirt and wearing face paint similar to Naruto, posing at a table with themed birthday cakes and decor.

A laptop playing an episode from “Naruto” can be seen in the background. 

Brillantes also shared a video of a scene from “Naruto” where the blonde ninja was greeted on his birthday, followed by a shoutout from the actress.


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“Call me crazy but it’s Naruto’s birthday today and I cannot let this day pass without celebrating it! I love you, Uzumaki Naruto! Dattebayoo!” Brillantes said.

Thinking that she may be criticized for her obsession with Naruto, the actress continued: “No bad vibes on the comments section, please!”

Brillantes is one of the stars of the new ABS-CBN series “Kadenang Ginto.”

Aside from her verified Instagram account (@blythe) with 3.6 million followers, she also has another page (@xoxo_milkyway_), which shows more of her anime-loving side.