'Hindi niyo kami mapipigilan': How Pinoys reacted to Xerox's public notice


Posted at Sep 20 2019 02:02 AM | Updated as of Sep 20 2019 05:35 AM

MANILA - The Japanese company Xerox has asked the public in the Philippines to stop using its brand name when referring to anything other than the machines it makes or services it provides.

Yet it seems like Filipinos won't stop using the term xerox to mean "copy."

Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. published a notice on a Philippine broadsheet on Thursday to remind people that its Xerox brand is "not just another word for copy."

The company said Xerox is a globally recognized registered trademark protected by law.

Filipinos took to social media to express their resistance to Xerox's notice.


In reaction, Netizens started giving their own examples of popular brands that are used in the Philippines to refer to generic products.

Among the popular brands that have become part of everyday language in the Philippines are Colgate (used to refer to toothpaste), Pampers (commonly used to refer to diapers), and Cutex (which means nail polish).

Some pointed out that the brand name has been included in the dictionary, and can be used as another word for copy.

According to Merriam-Webster, it was in 1965 when the word xerox was first used as a verb.