This American rapper takes his love for lumpia to the next level


Posted at Sep 11 2019 04:18 PM


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Earl Stevens, known to many for his stage name E-40, is a huge fan of lumpia.

The American rapper loves the Filipino spring rolls so much that he has become a co-owner of the Lumpia Company in California.

“Being from Vallejo, California, my surroundings [were from] all walks of life, very diverse,” Stevens said in an interview with the food website Eater.

“Filipinos were a big part of Vallejo’s community… some of my best friends are Filipino,” he added. “I ate lumpia with the kids I grew up around, and it became one of my favorite dishes of all time.”

It was San Francisco-based DJ E-rock who introduced Stevens to Lumpia Company founder Alex Retodo.

After Retodo sent a sample of his lumpia to Stevens, the rest was history.

Lumpia Company features a mix of old-school flavors (like the pork and shrimp “Shanghai” lumpia) and fun twists (such as bacon cheeseburger and pork belly sisig lumpia), as well as sweet treats (peach mango lumpia).


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Other offerings include soft-serve ice cream, chicken skin, and Filipino rice meals.