What's it like going back to school at 70 years old?


Posted at Aug 22 2018 04:13 PM

Virgie Garcia retired from her job as a corporate executive three years ago. At 70 years old, she's currently a student at the UP College of Fine Arts to follow up on a dream that's 47 years in the making.

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Growing up in a modest household she shared with five other siblings, Virgie knew that fine arts was not the most practical and lucrative course to take in college. Understanding her responsibility to help her family make ends meet, she promised herself that she would get back to the world of arts once life becomes better for her and her family.

But enrolling in art classes as a senior citizen did not only flex her creative muscles, Virgie was reintroduced to a reality she knew very well back when she was a student. She became friends with her classmates, who taught her about fulfilling one’s passions at a young age, and pushing through despite all the difficulties.

This inspired her to go beyond arts and humanities, and deep into her being human: lending a helping hand to those who are aspiring to accomplish what she is now trying to, five decades later.

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