Laguna beauty queen to represent PH in 46th Miss Globe


Posted at Aug 14 2020 12:35 PM

Stephanie Ricablanca will compete in the 46th Miss Globe this October. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ricablanca

MANILA -- A beauty queen from Laguna will represent the Philippines in the 46th Miss Globe pageant scheduled in October in Sri Lanka.

Stephanie Ricablanca, 23, is one of the 36 candidates vying for the crown. 

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Ricablanca said the candidates were selected from hundreds of online nominations.


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"Nominations from all over the world were sent to the Miss Globe group. And from a reported number of around 500 nominations, the judges have marginally narrowed it down to 36 candidates vying for the crown. I am extremely grateful and happy that Philippines was able to make it!" she said. 

"It still feels so surreal for me that I now have the opportunity to represent my country and bear its name across my chest," she added, sharing that she earlier had to decline an offer to represent the Philippines in an international modeling competition because she has yet to finish her studies. "Despite that, I feel excited and really competitive as it is my goal to win this pageant, which is why I can promise that I will do my very best."

Ricablanca was quick to clarify that the 46th Miss Globe pageant is different from the one joined by Leren Mae Bautista and Michele Gumabao as titleholders under Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI).

She explained that after being known to the public in 1988, Miss Globe was split into three organizations in 2010.

The resulting groups include the Turkey-based Miss Globe International which is currently inactive, the Albania-based Miss Globe which has partnered with BPCI, and the Canada-based Miss Globe Group where she will be competing in.

"Although the name of the pageant is similar, this one that I will be competing in is different from the one that Leren and Michele competed in," she said. 

This certificate signed by Miss Globe Group COO Dickson Ng shows that Stephanie Ricablanca is the Philippines' candidate this year. Image courtesy of Stephanie Ricablanca

Get to know Ricablanca more through excerpts from her interview with ABS-CBN News below:

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself, and how you started your journey as a beauty queen? 

"I am Stephanie Dela Cruz Ricablanca, 23 years old and a proud citizen of San Pablo City, Laguna. I am part British, part German and of course, part Filipino. I am the only child of a retired bank manager mother and a retired seaman father. During my 1 year of study at the University of Santo Tomas under its BS Architecture program, I was able to participate in its annual pageant, Ms. Architecture. And this, as far as I remember, is the first pageant that I voluntarily participated in. A year later, I went back to the province of Laguna and transferred to the San Pablo City campus of Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) and here I studied and graduated with a degree in Tourism Management. 

"In my 4 years of study at LSPU, I was able to join more pageants which really helped improve my confidence and self-esteem. It also made me realize what advocacy I wanted to stand for and this is fighting for people's rights. However, the theme of this year's pageant is all about health and so I had to be specific regarding which human right I should be an advocate for. I then decided to be an advocate of Equality in Health Care Rights which I think is very timely and applicable especially with what has been currently going on in our country. At the moment, I have chosen to work with the local Anti-COVID Task Force of San Pablo City because working with a far bigger group would also mean that I would be putting myself at a higher risk of catching the virus. And as the Philippine candidate, I somehow became a role model for others which means that I should also follow the safety rules and regulations implemented by our government if I will expect others to do the same."

Q: How have you been training for the pageant, given the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis?

"My handler, Tito Rodgil of Kagandahang Flores camp, has scheduled trainings through Zoom. As for the question and answer training, Sir Miggy (KF Q&A trainer) has been very helpful in sending me reviewers regarding the most pressing issues involving the health crisis our country is experiencing. As for my physique, I have been gifted with a body that is naturally lean so I just have to make sure that I put in some isolated workout routines on target areas such as the abdomen, hips, legs and glutes."

Stephanie Ricablanca is under Kagandahang Flores, the pageant camp which has trained the likes of Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados and Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ricablanca

Q: Can you share with us more details about the online voting process, and share ways that Filipinos can show their support for your Miss Globe campaign?

"Of course! At the moment, Miss Globe just finished announcing all 36 candidates who made it to the second round. According to them, they are now setting up the online voting platform and next thing that they will do is announce within this month as to when the online voting will begin. Once the voting begins, it will be accessible to everyone all over the world through their official web page as well as through a link they will send us which in turn we will send to our supporters. 

"After this voting has been concluded, only one representative will remain as the sole representative of a continent. Another online voting will take place at this point to determine the Top 3 winners. The scores are comprised of 70% input from online voting, and the remaining 30% will be from the judges. Filipinos can show their support by liking and sharing my official Facebook page, Stephanie Ricablanca, as well as following me on my Instagram account, @stephanie.ricablanca."

Q: If you are asked by the organizers of Miss Globe why you think you deserve to win the title, what would be your answer?

"I would tell them that I deserve to win the title because although I do appreciate and enjoy the pageant's glitzy and glamorous aspects, I have firmly set my sights more on the potential things that I can do with the platform I will be gaining. From a very young age, I have already been a strongly opinionated girl and once I gain this platform, I will then have access to the tools that will allow me to actually be able to do something regarding issues and advocacies which all fall under the protection of human rights. 

"Issues such as anti-bullying, gender equality, and female empowerment are only some examples that I strongly associate with. I want to actually make a mark by really having a permanent positive impact on people's lives and when my reign as Miss Globe is over, I want to make sure that people will be able to say that their lives were made better than how it was a year before because I believe that being dedicated in helping the people is the true purpose of bearing a crown and a title."

Stephanie Ricablanca has chosen Equality in Health Care Rights as her advocacy. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ricablanca

Q: What is your message to your fellow Filipinos as we continue to deal with the pandemic?

"I really have a lot of things to say to my fellow Filipinos but since the paramount issue right now is everyone's health and safety, I would like to say that each and everyone of them actually has the power to lower the number of COVID-19 cases in our country by having discipline and following the rules implemented by our government. It would understandably feel constricting and hard because this is a huge deviation from everyone's former daily activities, but at the same time this is all just for everyone's welfare. I also encourage them to stay at home when there is no important reason for them to go out. 

"However, on the instances that there is a pressing need to go out, I encourage them to wear masks and face shields and to observe social distancing for their own and other people's protection. Through cooperation, understanding, and faith in God, we will get each other and our beloved country past this dark time and we will once more emerge into the light united and stronger than ever."