UPeepz ends 'World of Dance' journey with PH tribute


Posted at Aug 12 2020 03:09 PM


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Members of the Filipino group UPeepz paid tribute to their motherland in what turned out to be their last performance in the talent competition "World of Dance."

They finished in the semi-finals after getting a score of 89 for their performance of The Black Eyed Peas' "Bebot" which also incorporated traditional dances like the tinikling.

While the judges generally praised UPeepz as a group, one of them noted a "dip in energy" in their routine.

"I just feel your passion for dance so much. I love the fact that you brought in your culture into this piece. For me, I think it started a bit slow. And then actually that moment with the bamboo, as much as I appreciated it, it felt like it dipped in energy. But I will say this, you all finished strong, which is really, really important," Derek Hough said.

"The things I've come to know and appreciate you guys for were all there... The personality's always there. It was a roller coaster that had its ups and downs," Ne-Yo noted.

Jennifer Lopez, for her part, said: "You guys are a strong group, that's why you're here. You really feel like a crew... It's really about the routine that you do. For me, it just didn't all come together. There were moments that I love."

"Your performance and your personality are off the charts, that part of it is undeniable. You guys are great performers," she added.

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In an Instagram post on Wednesday, UPeepz coach Chips Beltran said they are "mad proud" of what they have accomplished in "World of Dance."

"As we conclude our 'World of Dance' 2020 journey, we want to dedicate this piece to our motherland, to every Filipino. Even if we didn't make it to the final round, we are mad proud. All the blood, sweat, and tears, the sleepless nights, aching bodies, drained minds, and restless souls, has come to this moment," he said. 

"Being judged by the top legends in the industry, being lined up with the most amazing world-class acts (man our leg was intense), being able to shoot in Hollywood is a dream come true. It is an experience of a lifetime," he added.

Beltran went on to express his "immense respect" for his team, saying that he "will not have it any other way."

"Thank you guys for your support and for those who followed our WOD journey! Having 2 teams step onto the World stage for two consecutive years is a feat I will hold dear close to my heart! Despite everything that's happening in the PH right now, we hope we still made you proud! Salamat sa 'yong suporta!" he ended. 

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