'Not whitening': L'Oreal to rebrand skin care products in PH


Posted at Aug 05 2020 02:45 PM


MANILA -- Companies such as L'Oreal have earlier committed to make major changes in marketing skin-evening products to address the damage caused by colorism across the globe. 

But Filipinos who are concerned about their favorite beauty items being taken off the shelves need not fret, L'Oreal Philippines country managing director Supriya Singh assured in a recent virtual press conference.

Singh explained that while other companies have phased out certain products, L'Oreal said theirs is a case of rebranding -- more specifically, removing words like "white" and "whitening" to focus more on an item's original purpose.

"Actually, L'Oreal never had skin bleaching products in our portfolio. This is not something that we ever had. Our products have been branded or marketed as whitening or lightening, but these are for UV protection, uneven skin tone, or spot reduction," she explained. 

"So we are not going to be removing UV protection products or things like that from our market here, because we know we need it," she went on. "Actually here in the Philippines, there is a lot of our consumers who are actually out in the sun a lot and it (UV protection) is a critical need, a skin health need. So we will not be removing those products or those ingredients."

"What we will be doing is changing the way that we brand them and market them so they're actually much more pinpointed on what these products do, and not just using this umbrella of whitening which is not specific to the product ingredient."

Singh made the statement on the sidelines of L'Oreal's launch of its sustainability roadmap in the Philippines which focuses on the areas of e-commerce, consumer empowerment, and education.

It is cementing key programs with one of its long-standing partners, Philippine Business for Social Progress, to continue helping women in underprivileged circumstances.

One of its brands, Garnier, plans to launch its Green Parcel and Green Spaces initiatives, and will be championing a Green Education program with its partners. 

Globally, L'Oreal wants its sites to use 100% renewable energy by 2025, with all of its plastic packaging to be either from recycled or bio-based sources by 2030.