In 2005, Rico Blanco painted this scene of an ostrich in the city. Now, he’s getting requests for his next subject.


Posted at Aug 05 2020 04:31 PM

Rico Blanco shared his 2005 painting depicting an ostrich in the city on Wednesday, a day after a similar scene transpired in Quezon City. Facebook: Rico Blanco

MANILA — In 2005, Rico Blanco painted an ostrich surrounded by what appears to concrete buildings — an image that seemingly came to life 15 years later on Tuesday, as the wild animal ran loose in Quezon City and instantly went viral on social media.

The musician shared a photo of his old artwork on Facebook on Wednesday, writing, “When I painted this 15 years ago I was simply going for ‘surreal.’”

Blanco’s own post also made the rounds online, with comments branding him, in jest, as the “modern-day Nostradamus,” the French astrologer and reputed seer.


Others joked that Blanco’s painting wasn’t a “prediction,” but rather indicated his “power” to will events to happen in the future. Some asked him to be careful with depicting catastrophic scenes, or to paint something specific, like “crocodiles” being captured.

Blanco’s painting is the latest viral entry spurred by the unusual ostrich sighting in Quezon City, along the likes of a “Jumanji” poster, an Angkas promo code, as well as political imageries.