WATCH: Cardo may have just gotten harder to kill after drinking ‘floodwater’


Posted at Jul 20 2019 08:29 PM


Cardo (Coco Martin) has proven time and time again that he's a hard man to kill. And unfortunately for those out for his blood, like Bungo (Baron Geisler), it might have just gotten more difficult.

This, after Martin drank "floodwater" that's said to grant wishes.

Martin caught "Rak of Aegis" Friday night and one of scenes of the musical, set in a perpetually flooded fictional barangay called Venizia, demanded a bit of audience participation.

Martin, along with Rowell and Raymart Santiago, were plucked to be the lucky ones and --besides being funnily asked to take a jump shot photo while standing on a fragile-looking plank-- they were dared to take a sip of "floodwater" for good luck.

(You can watch the moment in the above video at the 2:01 mark)

One of the musical's actors quipped to Martin: "Kapag ininom niyo iyan, hinding-hindi na talaga kayo mamamatay."

Of his experience in watching, Martin said: "Nakaka-proud kasi alam mong mahirap iyong ginagawa nila. Sana magkaroon ng opportunity na maipalabas natin sa ibang bansa iyong mga ganitong musical na maipagmamalaki natin."

Now on its seventh season, "Rak of Aegis" is currently being shown at the PETA Theater in Quezon City.