A day in the quarantine life of Pia Wurtzbach


Posted at Jun 03 2020 03:47 PM


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MANILA – Pia Wurtzbach has been stuck inside her home for almost three months now with no way of getting out because she has no quarantine pass.

For those wondering what a day in her quarantine life is like, Wurtzbach opened up about the things that are keeping her busy for the past weeks since a lockdown was imposed in Metro Manila.

Speaking during the online podcast QueenTuhan which went live on Tuesday, Wurtzbach said she also had a hard time coping with anxiety at the beginning of the quarantine period.

“Hindi kasi ako sanay to stay put for a long time out of my will. I’m not used to that. Siyempre nung una, lahat naman tayo nag-aalala kung hanggang kailan ba ito, paano na 'yung family ko, paano kapag ako nagkasakit, paano 'yung trabaho. So many questions,” she said.

This changed for the beauty queen when she learned to adapt to the situation.

“Kaya naman pala mag-meeting online. Nakikita ko naman na very adaptable tayo. Nag-a-adjust tayo sa panahon. But I wish this will be over soon so we can go back to work and go back to saying hi to each other in person,” she said.

When asked what’s her usual day like, Wurtzbach said she’s managed to keep a routine to stay sane.

“In the morning, I try to get all of the work done muna. Lahat ng mga kailangan ko sagutin na e-mails, or kung may live or interview, I’ll do that first. Anything related to work, I’ll do everything during the day. Kapag na-set aside ko na lahat 'yun, I’ll work out and then the rest of the day is me time,” she said.

The former Miss Universe, however, admitted that she also has days when she doesn’t feel like doing anything at all.

“Meron akong mga araw na talagang nagpapahinga ako buong araw. It’s so easy to sink into that hole, not move, be lazy. Pero hindi pwede. Kahit na ang sarap, hindi pwede,” she said.

Among the things that kept her hands full during the quarantine season are her fundraising initiatives.

“It happened during the first week of quarantine. Kasi I am with my cousin. Kaming dalawa lang ang nandito sa bahay. I was thinking what can we do kaya kasi we felt useless. We were just watching the news every day,” she said.

Hence, she decided to crowdsource among her close friends first before getting in touch with suppliers and eventually donating thousands of masks to hospitals.

When her personal fundraising activity turned out to be successful, Wurtzbach shared that World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines reached out to her to help them in their campaign.

“I moved on from masks. WWF Philippines reached out to me and said ‘Could you promote our fundraising?’ They sent the pictures, the details. 'Yun ang bago kong pinu-push ngayon na fundraising,” she said.

With this project, Wurtzbach is delighted she is able to lend her platform and be a helping hand to others during this time of uncertainty.