Sensationalizing poverty? Cole Sprouse draws flak for photo he took in Manila


Posted at May 03 2018 09:30 PM

Cole Sprouse as Jughead in the teen drama, 'Riverdale.' CW

When he visited Manila last month, Cole Sprouse, best known as Jughead in the hit CW teen drama "Riverdale," brought along his camera. His subject? People going about their everyday lives. 

He shared his photos on Instagram this past week, and they were all well-liked enough. However, he caught criticism for a caption he wrote for one of them -- a photo of a young girl in the slums. 

He was accused of "sensationalizing poverty" for writing: "Well i'm not your parent, don't gotta follow me around." 

This prompted an apology from the actor. He explained that he removed the picture because of the comments, and added that it was not his intention to "sensationalize poverty nor poke fun." 

He continued: "Shoulda have thought more about the words used, and the implications of those words I hadn't even considered." 

A screenshot of Cole Sprouse's apology on Instagram Stories taken by a fan

He also said: "I'll continue to post about my travels through Manila, showing all sides of the city as experienced." 


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Sprouse was in Manila for a few days last April for a fan meet-and-greet event. During his stay, he was spotted by fans roaming around Divisoria, riding a jeepney, and visiting a seafood market. 


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"When I travel, I like to try and get as much of a local experience as possible," he told reporters.