Take a virtual tour of Israel this Holy Week


Posted at Apr 10 2020 06:30 AM

MANILA -- Disrupted travel is among the many problems caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which closed off borders and made people stay indoors.

Wanderlust doesn't have to end, however, especially with the internet providing alternative ways to see the world.

This Holy Week, for instance, the Israel Ministry of Tourism is promoting virtual tours of the country, covering areas such as the Old City of Jerusalem.

Sammy Yahia, Israel Ministry of Tourism Director for India and the Philippines, encouraged Filipinos to experience holy sites from the comfort of their own home through virtual reality.

"While we all remain in our homes we want to stay connected with you. Through virtual reality, we know you can still experience Israel with us," Yahia said in a statement.

"One thing we're confident about is travel will make a comeback and we will be able to travel again... The most important thing now is for each and every one to be safe and healthy. May God bless Philippines."

Around 3,300 Filipinos visited Israel in 2019 during the Holy Week period, according to the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Check out virtual tours of Israel below:

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