'An all-star moment': Dad in happy tears after son's in-flight surprise


Posted at Mar 12 2019 07:26 PM

The parents of pilot Genesis Bernardo were surprised to find out that their son was going to steer their flight bound for Taiwan. Photo Courtesy: Genesis Bernardo 

Paul and Solly Bernardo thought they were in for an ordinary flight to Taiwan for a vacation.

But all that changed when they they heard a familiar voice from plane speakers--that of son Genesis. 

In a now-viral video shared by the airline, Genesis' brother, Joshua can be seen taking a video of their parents' reaction while they settled on their plane seats. 

Genesis, as part of a flight protocol, then welcomed those on board and introduced himself, much to the surprise and delight of his parents who didn't know he was going to fly the plane. 

After the formalities, he thanked his parents through the PA prompter for being the "two very important persons" in his life. 

"I would like to thank you for loving me unconditionally as your son, and for teaching me to be the best in everything I do," he said. 

"I also thank you for inspiring me to never stop dreaming big and making me believe that everything is possible as long as you have faith," he added. 

Genesis, who said it was his dream to have his parents on board as one of his passengers, also thanked them for their support throughout his career - a moment that left both parents teary-eyed. 

"You are one of the biggest reasons why I am here commanding a flight and flying this airplane. It's truly an honor and my pleasure to have you on board," he said. 

The post, which was uploaded on Facebook on March 10, has reached over 2 million views as of posting.

AirAsia lauded its pilot's heartwarming gesture. 

"Truly the people that matter the most are the ones that enable you to dream big," it said when it shared the video.