'This is my voice' challenge: This guy sounds exactly like Duterte after a 'year in Malacañang'


Posted at Jan 10 2019 06:31 PM | Updated as of Jan 10 2019 09:03 PM

In front of a mirror, people record the "changes" in their voices after being exposed to a variety of situations, such as watching K-dramas and Japanese anime or moving to places with thick accents. 

It's one of the final online challenges (it's called the "this is my voice" challenge") to go viral last year, and as often the case with these things, Filipinos were very well on top of making their own versions. 

This trend continued this January. 

There were a couple who joked that their singing voices got better in the months that they spent in the Philippines, a woman who began to sound like a typical irate Filipina mother, and a Pinoy man who developed a British accent after moving to England. 

There's also a funny guy who nailed his impression of President Rodrigo Duterte's voice after spending a "year in Malacañang." 

Along with some of the original videos (taken from users from the app TikTok by some Facebook pages) which went viral, check out the hilarious clips below: 


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