Sinon Loresca apologizes over violent encounter at bar


Posted at Dec 30 2017 11:07 PM

Sinon Loresca, the country's self-proclaimed "King of Catwalk," issued an apology for a late Friday night brawl in which he wounded two of his friends who was partying with him. 

A Facebook post by a certain Drew Farhad Fernandez revealed that he and his partner suffered scratch wounds, which was said to have been caused by the high-heel strutting social media star. 

Fernandez alleged that they saw Loresca hit his personal assistant on the head "for no reason" while they were out drinking at a bar in Ortigas. 

Seeing the blatant abuse, Fernandez and his partner stepped in and tried to stop Loresca. But at that point, he alleged that Loresca, who was already being escorted out by guards, had turned violent and began attacking his partner. 

He then alleged to have heard Loresca reason that his personal assistant is "just [his] maid," and that he is a celebrity who can "do whatever [he] wants and [they] cannot do anything about it." 

Loresca, known for his videos of him strutting and dancing in high heels, downplayed the whole incident as a "misunderstanding" in a video he released online Saturday afternoon. 

"Lambing po iyon," he explained of his supposedly violent actions towards his assistant. "Hindi po sila tatagal sa akin kung masama po akong tao. Sino po ba ako para manakit ng kapwa-tao? Wala akong karapatan manakit ng tao."

He also defended himself by saying that he only retaliated against Fernandez and his partner after the two jumped him unexpectedly. 

"Humihingi po ako ng sincere apology," he told Fernandez. "Sorry talaga kasi hindi ko rin napigilan iyong sarili ko."

He also denied being drunk. 

In his post, Fernandez said that he has been a fan of Loresca, whom he had looked up to for his "confidence and his ability to show to people that there is nothing to be ashamed about being gay, and instead it should be celebrated." 

"As proud members of the gay community, as a couple, and most importantly as gay parents, we think that it is very important for us to do our part in keeping our community safe and educating others where possible," he wrote. 

"Regardless whether you are a man, woman or transgender, rich or poor, popular or not - no one has the right to abuse you, ever!"

You can view Fernandez's full post, as well as Loresca's video apology, below: