Listen to this sublime cover of Eraserheads' 'Huwag Kang Matakot'


Posted at Dec 07 2019 01:28 AM

It's around that time again, when your friends are either flaunting or are embarrassed over the songs they had on repeat for the past 12 months on Spotify, thanks to the app's "wrapped" tradition. 

But, if it were given an earlier release date, perhaps this one track could have ended up topping a lot of the most-listened to lists --a cover of the Eraserheads classic "Huwag Kang Matakot," from indie artist Reese Lansangan that upped on Spotify just this Friday. 

The unique take --Lansangan said she imagined the song as a mother encouraging her kid, hence the lullaby feel-- has been described as "sublime" by the band's former member, Raymund Marasigan. 

The cover is part of a tribute album dedicated to Eraserheads, and it also features new versions of "Minsan," "Alapaap," "Julie Tearjerkey," "Tindahan ni Aling Nena," and "Maskara." 

The acts involved, aside from Lansangan, were Munimuni, Leanne & Naara, Oh, Flamingo!, Ciudad, and Tarisus. 

"Pop Machine: Eheads Tribute Album" is available on Spotify and you can listen to it via this link.