'I want to have bangs': Adorable Zia gets her first haircut


Posted at Dec 06 2018 07:35 PM

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Some parents can attest to how difficult it is to calm their children down before getting their first haircut. 

But luckily for Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, their daughter, Maria Letizia, was even excited to have hers. 

"I want to have bangs," said Maria Letizia, also fondly referred to as Zia, in the newest video blog entry of her parents documenting her first trip to the salon uploaded on YouTube. 

In the clip, an enthusiastic Zia explained that she wanted to have a similar hairstyle like her mother's. "Same as mama," the adorable tot told Rivera's stylist, Celeste Tuviera. 

Zia reacts to her pretty new haircut. She liked her first haircut experience so much that she demanded that she needed "short hair" now. 

Even the sight of real scissors didn't faze Zia, who shared that she also had one at home — albeit a toy one that she uses on paper. 

She did not cry throughout the vlog — and any tears were more likely to have come from Rivera after Zia demanded that she wanted to have short hair. "Huwag short," Rivera pleaded. 

There were also more cute tidbits like Dantes getting the first cut in, Zia shouting 'bang!' after seeing how pretty her new hairstyle is, and her saying 'adios!' to Tuviera.