'Best kept private': Juan Karlos asked about relationship with Maureen Wroblewitz


Posted at Nov 29 2018 07:11 PM

Juan Karlos Labajo said that the some things about his relationship with Maureen Wroblewitz are 'best kept private.' Instagram

MANILA -- When Juan Karlos Labajo released his music video for "Buwan," the questions most of his fans had were about the meaning behind its dramatic images. Was he portraying an insane person? Or was his physical aggression just simply symbolic of an intense love?

But apparently, his decision to cast Maureen Wroblewitz, a winner of "Asia's Next Top Model," also raised a few curious eyebrows.

They once denied any romance between them last year, saying that they're just friends who bonded since both are half-German. But fans are beginning to think otherwise after Wroblewitz played Labajo's lover in the music video.


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In an interview with Push published Thursday, Labajo did not help quell the fire when he teased that "some things are best kept private" when asked about their relationship.

"It all depends, man, it depends on how people see it. Some things are best kept private, you know," he hinted.

He did downplay this by explaining that while he feels like he and Wroblewitz share "something special," it's not entirely unique.

"Me and everyone else has something special in between. I have something special with a lot of people," he said.

"Buwan" has reached an impressive 30 million views on YouTube.

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He shared that he has mixed feelings over the the success of his music video, which he co-wrote.

"Masaya. In a way malungkot. Sabay," he said, explaining that the song felt a little more special when only a few people knew about it before it began raking in millions of views.

"People would feel special knowing na 'Ako, alam ko 'yang kantang 'yan.' Iyong iba di nila masyadong alam."

"And back then, like before it hit a million views, I would always read the comments everyday. And now, it's just too much to even handle. Maybe I just see things differently."