LOOK: Gretchen parties with group that includes Atong Ang


Posted at Oct 30 2019 03:16 AM

One of the photos Gretchen Barretto shared on Instagram was of Atong Ang at a party they both attended. Instagram: gretchenbarretto

MANILA—Gretchen Barretto is back in the Philippines. 

And one of the first things she did when she arrived? It's to be at a party which Atong Ang happened to also attend, Barretto's posts on Instagram Stories showed. 

Barretto, who was also with longtime partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, shared a photo of Ang at the party of Felix Ang, owner of CATS Motors.

On the picture with Atong Ang, Barretto wrote "newly hired spokesperson" as the caption.

Did Gretchen Barretto refer to Atong Ang as her "newly hired spokesperson?" Instagram: gretchenbarretto

It remains unclear what she meant by this, but it was just last week when Ang attempted to shed light on the scuffle that broke out between Gretchen and sister Marjorie. Ang was dragged into the feud after he was blamed for being the cause of the confrontation. 

In his interview, Ang also tried to clarify the viral "sleeping photo" that saw him hold hands with Gretchen inside an airplane. 

Ang became a central figure in the Barretto feud after one of Gretchen's niece's, Nicole, claimed that Gretchen had "stolen" the businessman from her. Ang has since denied romantic ties with the Barrettos, saying that Nicole was an employee of his, and that Gretchen, along with Cojuangco, are business partners. 

In her own interview on "TV Patrol," Marjorie alluded that Ang is supposedly the "powerful boyfriend" of Gretchen.

Gretchen was in the US when the interviews — both Marjorie's and Ang's — aired.