‘The evil will never prevail’: Amid Barretto feud, Julia publicly backs mom Marjorie


Posted at Oct 18 2019 07:08 PM

Julia Barretto and mom Marjorie Barretto, and sisters Claudine and Gretchen Barretto. Instagram: @marjbarretto, @claubarretto

MANILA — Amid an escalating feud among members of the Barretto showbiz clan, young actress Julia Barretto on Friday publicly expressed support for her mother, Marjorie, following a reported scuffle at the wake of the family patriarch, Miguel.

Julia, 22, shared her message through a comment on Marjorie’s Instagram post about “telling the truth,” in relation to the Wednesday, October 16 incident, and Marjorie’s sisters, Claudine and Gretchen.

“We’re behind you mom,” Julia told Marjorie. “The truth will set you free. You are protected and loved by many. You are the rock of this family. Everyone is behind you. We will all protect you. God is watching. He knows mom, He knows. Stand tall, and be still. You hold the truth, the whole family knows the truth. Everyone was a witness, everyone will stand by you.”

Julia, the second eldest of Marjorie’s five children, was reportedly present when the physical confrontation happened at The Heritage Park in Taguig.

She was also said to be at the wake the following night, on Thursday, when Claudine’s camp alleged Marjorie attacked her, resulting in Claudine’s hospitalization.

Julia’s comment on Marjorie’s Instagram post on Friday afternoon. Instagram: @marjbarretto

In another comment on her mother’s Instagram post, Julia went on: “Stand tall and be still because the truth is with you. They are trying to destroy you, because you live a good life with 5 strong successful well raised children, a family that loves you so much, a peaceful quiet life. You are so loved by many mom that’s why they envy you. 

“They want to destroy your peace, your happiness and you. Don’t worry. Everyone is behind you. We will all not let that happen. The evil will never prevail. God is watching. He knows mom, He knows. God will protect you. You need only to be still.

“Your whole family will stand by you. You are the most sane mommy. They know who and who not to believe. Be strong. Everyone is for you. Usually talaga kung sino ang nananahimik at tunay na masaya, siya pa ang tinatamaan. Many are fighting for you mom. Hindi ka nagiisa. Marami kami nasa likod mo lang.”

Julia, in her comments, did not directly mention aunts Gretchen and Claudine.

Claudine, who for a time was also estranged from Gretchen, has been a constant presence in the latter’s life after they reconciled early this year.

In April, the two made public their being left out of the wedding of Dani Barretto, the eldest child of Marjorie. Claudine and Gretchen also criticized their niece for supposedly being ungrateful, after they helped raise her with Marjorie.

Gretchen’s rift with Marjorie widened in August this year, when the older Barretto sided with “Team Bea” against Julia, in relation to a controversy involving the young actress and her fellow Star Magic artists.