‘Kadenang Ginto’ pilot: Dimples as ‘kontrabida’ makes splash, surprises viewers


Posted at Oct 08 2018 09:12 PM

MANILA -- Often cast as a dependable best friend, a doting sister, or a dedicated mother, Dimples Romana made an impact among viewers of “Kadenang Ginto” Monday with her refreshing turn as a “kontrabida.”

Daniela (Dimples Romana) splashes wine on Romina’s (Beauty Gonzalez) face in a confrontation scene in the pilot episode of ‘Kadenang Ginto.’ ABS-CBN

In the pilot episode of the Kapamilya Gold series, Romana is introduced as Daniela, the lone heiress of the her father Robert’s (Albert Martinez) canned fish company.

Seeing herself as her father’s second priority after the business, Daniela turns her feeling of neglect into envy, with Robert’s secretary, Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), as her target.

Aside from noticing her father’s fondness for his employee, Daniela finds further reason to despise Romina. Daniela’s ex-boyfriend, Carlos (Adrian Alanday), whom she still loves, turns out to be Romina’s fiancé.

In the pilot’s closing scene, an inebriated Daniela unleashes her temper at Romina, whom she calls a “cheap gold digger” before splashing her face with wine.

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Prior to the climactic confrontation, Daniela also showed a mean streak towards other employees of her father’s company. A spoiled only daughter, she was also portrayed as scheming, with the goal of keeping Robert’s wealth to herself.

Romana’s characterization of Daniela — a departure from her recent portrayals including the sagely Gloria in “Bagani” — was a popular topic among viewers of “Kadenang Ginto” on Twitter.

The pilot’s official hashtag topped nationwide trends Monday afternoon, with comments including praises not only for Romana’s acting, but for the story’s fast pace.

The pilot episode set up the rivalry within Robert’s family that has been teased in trailers for the series. Its lead cast also includes teens Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz, who portray the daughters of Daniela and Romina, respectively.

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