Goodbye, General: Robert Mondragon is returning to ‘Kadenang Ginto’


Posted at Oct 07 2019 06:43 PM

Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez) is shown in a new trailer for upcoming episodes of ‘Kadenang Ginto.’ ABS-CBN/Dreamscape

MANILA — After his nine-month stint as the titular general in “The General’s Daughter,” Albert Martinez is set to return to the afternoon drama “Kadenang Ginto” as Robert Mondragon.

“Ang susi sa lahat ng katanungan, magbabalik na,” teased a new trailer for upcoming episodes of the hit series, with glimpses of Robert during what appeared to be his dying moments aired in February.

In a previously unseen moment, an unconscious Robert is pulled out of the water after his helicopter crashed into the ocean.

Recent weeks of “Kadenang Ginto” have been unspooling the complicated histories of the Mondragon heiresses. Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Cassie (Francine Diaz) have long been thought to be the respective biological and adopted daughters of Robert — but new revelations hint that the identities are the other way around.

Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) remains in denial that Robert, her late husband, may have been her unknown assailant that resulted in Cassie’s birth, despite evidence pointing to that.

To rest her doubt — or confirm her worst fear — Romina has asked Daniela to cooperate in a DNA test and see if Cassie is her biological sister. Daniela’s hesitance, however, appears less rooted in her feud with Romina, but more in the panic of a long hidden truth being uncovered.

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Indeed, as the trailer teased, only Robert has the full picture. It remains to be seen, however, how the character will return after his apparent death.

Martinez, the actor, at one point had overlapping roles in “Kadenang Ginto” and “The General’s Daughter,” until his onscreen death in the former gave way for his other lead role in the action series.

With the recent conclusion of “The General’s Daughter,” Martinez, it would seem, can now commit to a more regular appearance as the Mondragon patriarch.

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