WATCH: Juan Karlos Labajo puzzles fans with bizarre music video for 'Buwan'


Posted at Sep 27 2018 08:12 PM

Juan Karlos Labajo's bizarre music video for "Buwan" shows the young singer tying down a woman and blindfolding her inside a dark room as he deals with their love-hate relationship. 

The video was released earlier this week, and quickly became the 13th most talked about video on YouTube locally. 

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Its startling imagery sparked discussion among Labajo's fans about its meaning, with most of it revolving around whether his aggressive acts symbolize his intense love. 

This is in line with the song's lyrics, which tells of a passionate romance, though others have theorized that the video may be simply that of him going insane. 

They took the other word for moon, luna, and used that to go off about an explanation of how he's portraying a lunatic. 


However, not every conversation about "Buwan" is on its meaning, with celebrities commenting just how much they loved Labajo and Maureen Wroblewitz's performance in it. 

The "Asia's Next Top Model" winner played Labajo's lover, who has had her share of baffling moments such as her strangling him, and tying him down herself. 

"Buwan" is perhaps Labajo's most popular original song, raking in more than 1 million streams on Spotify. 

He released it following his decision to create his own music, admittedly bored of singing covers.

Labajo was said to have co-written the music video, which was directed by Tim Tupa. It was released under MCA Music Inc.