Robi Domingo admits he is both proud and scared for his frontliner parents


Posted at Aug 10 2020 03:11 PM | Updated as of Aug 10 2020 06:37 PM


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MANILA – Robi Domingo is extremely proud of his parents who are battling the coronavirus pandemic in the front lines.

But the TV host admitted during the Star Magic special “Love from Home Lockdown” over the weekend that there is also a sense of fear every time his parents would go out and fulfill their oath as doctors.

“I have to be honest. This pandemic became personal to me and my family more just because my family are both doctors. So every single time they go out of the house to treat patients, to fulfill their promise as doctors, it gives me that sense of fear,” he said.

Domingo said what worries him the most is the fact that his parents are already senior citizens, which makes them more vulnerable in contracting COVID-19.

“If they go home and, knock on wood, my brother and I get the virus, I mean I could survive. But you know, having them as seniors and having them as frontliners that makes me so proud. But intertwined with that feeling is the sensibility and that fear,” he explained.

Domingo said this is one of the reasons why he looks up to all health workers who risk their lives every day just to serve those in need of medical help.

“I got to talk to lots of frontliners because maybe in an alternate life, that would have been my work. I could have been a doctor just like my parents. And you know, talking to my friends who are really, really exhausted with work… I mean I ask my doctor friends and they were telling me ‘this is something that we signed up for,’” he said.

“It may be hard, I would do conference calls with them, I would call them, they would just cry. But at the end of the day, they have to wipe their tears and they have to fulfill their duties as doctors. And for that one, I’m just really, really proud to call them my friends.”