‘Dreams come true’: Mimiyuuuh ‘teaches’ Sarah G how to dance in fun video


Posted at Aug 09 2020 12:30 AM

MANILA -- He was the one who reminded Filipinos of the "Sa Iyo" dance craze, back when "Tala" was taking over everyone's Christmas parties, breathing life into the old song released back in 2003.

So it's only fitting that social media star Mimiyuuuh would be the one to teach --in jest, of course-- Sarah Geronimo the moves to the dance she once popularized but may have forgotten. 

In a fun YouTube video uploaded this Friday, Mimiyuuuh joked that he was hired by Geronimo to teach her how to dance. 

He reluctantly accepted, and only did so because he saw "talent sa bata" and that "she really needs help." 

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The video saw Mimiyuuuh "correct" some of the dance moves in the original, Geronimo gamely doing the vlogger's hilarious suggestions, and both of them having a genuinely good time.