‘BF mo ba siya?’ Vice Ganda directly asked about relationship with Ion Perez


Posted at Aug 06 2019 09:29 PM

When the showrunners of "It's Showtime" invited comedian Rufa Mae Quinto to be one of the judges of their segment dedicated to finding the next big leading man, they never perhaps thought that she would not only grill the finalists, but also their hosts. 

Vice Ganda was put on the hot seat on Tuesday's "BidaMan" finals when the comedian was asked directly by Quinto about Ion Perez and whether he is Vice Ganda's boyfriend or not. 


The question was brought up because Quinto thought the current contestant whom she was supposed to comment on looked a lot like Perez, at least according to her. 

In reply, Vice Ganda quipped: "Ang jowa ko talaga si Jackque," referring to Jackie Gonzaga, otherwise known as "Ate Girl," or Perez's pretend rival for their skit on the show. 

But prodded further and after Quinto mentioned that Perez cooks well, Vice Ganda eventually caved in and said: "Masarap siya magluto. Masarap siya magmahal. Mahal ko siya. Char."

This is not the first time Vice Ganda mentioned in jest his love for Perez, but this was one of the rare moments where he found himself being asked directly about their relationship. 

The two have yet to confirm being a couple, though they are often seen being affectionate in photos circulating online. Most notably, they met each other’s family members last month.