Bea Alonzo thanks Julia Barretto’s aunts Gretchen and Claudine


Posted at Jul 29 2019 05:34 PM | Updated as of Jul 30 2019 09:41 AM

Claudine Barretto, Julia Barretto’s aunt, portrayed Bea Alonzo’s sister in the 2005 drama series ‘Ikaw Ang Lahat sa Akin.’ ABS-CBN/Instagram: @claubarretto

MANILA — Gretchen and Claudine Barretto, both aunts of Julia Barretto, were among those who expressed their support for Bea Alonzo amid the controversy involving the “One More Chance” star, her former boyfriend Gerald Anderson, and the young Barretto actress.

On separate occasions after Alonzo’s Instagram post hinted at infidelity in her relationship, Gretchen and Claudine messaged and sent flowers to Alonzo — gestures that stood out to their followers online, in light of the personalities involved.

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Julia, the eldest of daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto with comedian Dennis Padilla, has credited both Gretchen and Claudine for helping raise her and her siblings. In the past, she has referred to her aunts as “mama.”

Gretchen and Claudine, whose reconciliation after years of feuding made headlines early this year, are now known to be estranged from Marjorie.

Bea Alonzo and Gretchen Barretto portrayed sisters in the 2010 primetime drama ‘Magkaribal.’ ABS-CBN/Star Creatives

Gretchen and Claudine were among the celebrities who gave reassuring words on Alonzo’s Instagram post, which led to speculations that Julia was a factor in the breakup of Alonzo and Anderson.

“I love you my dearest one,” Gretchen earlier told Alonzo in her comment. She then sent orchids, with a card that reads: “Sending you love.”

Alonzo thanked Gretchen, who portrayed her sister in the 2010 primetime drama “Magkaribal,” via Instagram Stories.

Bea Alonzo shares photos of flowers she received from Gretchen and Claudine Barretto. Instagram: @beaalonzo

Alonzo did similarly for Claudine on Monday, with a snap of the flowers the latter sent. Claudine’s message: “Love and more love.”

Just a day prior, she commented on Alonzo’s post: “You are loved. Sending you my love and hugs.”

Alonzo and Claudine also played sisters in the 2005 drama series “Ikaw Ang Lahat sa Akin.”

Bea Alonzo and Claudine Barretto (seated, from left) were among the lead stars of the 2005 primetime series ‘Ikaw Ang Lahat sa Akin.’ ABS-CBN

As of writing, Julia has yet to directly address the rumors linking her to Anderson, who was her first-time leading man in the 2019 romance film “Between Maybes.”

Marjorie, however, has said she plans to take legal action against a netizen who accused Julia of having an affair with Anderson.

Anderson has also not given a statement on the issue, following Alonzo’s revelation last Friday that the actor “just started not talking to me” after three years together.

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