Rejected? Fans rally after Xian Lim's emotional post


Posted at Jul 25 2018 11:17 AM | Updated as of Jul 25 2018 05:34 PM

MANILA -- Fans of Xian Lim rushed to express their support to their idol after the actor opened up about being "rejected" by some people in show business.

On Sunday night, Lim tweeted about not being liked by some industry people.

"A bunch of people in the industry may not like me, a couple may shut me out completely and not give me a chance, some love to judge and make up lies. I say it’s fine,” Lim tweeted.

“When all things have been said and done, be sure to do what it is that makes you happy.”

On his Instagram page, Lim also posted about not being given a chance.


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"It’s a crazy world we live in. Some people will always try to bring you down. Not give you a chance. Judge you for what they think you are and not for what you could become. It’s amazing how hard you try to make things right and make other people understand and yet they don’t,” the actor wrote in the caption.

He added: “People say keep your head up, I say keep it down and work hard to make yourself better every single day.”

His supporters quickly reassured Lim that everything will turn out fine in the end.

"Just continue to pursue your passion and let your accomplishments quietly speak for you. It is futile to set yourself on fire just to keep other people warm so do not bother. Trust God's plans. He will grant all the desires of your heart in His perfect time," wrote @RealiTVFan.

"Kaya mahal ka namin dahil hindi mo pinagpapalit ang iyong integridad. Keep going as the positive determined person who inspires us to also keep going," wrote @Niorapaengeol.

"In a world of make-believe, illusions, half truths & convenient lies, you have remained true to yourself. That's all that matters," wrote @leathley_t.

"People only see what's on the surface, they don't know the real you. You may have to do it the hard way but in the end you will have proven that nothing can stop a determined man. Achievements are the best proof against lies," wrote @RethesaLimaco.

"We cannot please everybody, do what makes you happy Xian, God is always bedside you," wrote @mauidvd.

Lim will soon be seen in the upcoming Sarah Geronimo starrer "Miss Granny," which opens in cinemas on August 22.