'Ang Probinsyano': Cardo fights for life as Bungo celebrates


Posted at Jul 17 2019 11:46 PM | Updated as of Jul 18 2019 11:09 AM

Cardo Dalisay is left fighting for his life after being repeatedly stabbed and shot at by Bungo. Ang Probinsyano

Things are stuck in a standstill in "Ang Probinsyano." Cardo (Coco Martin) is found lifeless where he was repeatedly stabbed and shot at by Bungo (Baron Geisler). It looks grim for everyone's favorite cop and the lack of any signs of breathing suggests that the so-called "unli-life" may have a limit after all.

About the same time last year, the teleserye faked out its viewers when Cardo's apparent death then was revealed to have been just a nightmare of his wife, Alyana (Yassi Pressman).

This latest incident is no dream, however, and Cardo, as it turns out, really is on the brink of death. The Wednesday episode begins with him being rushed to a hospital, as his fellow officers are left with no other option but to just wait and pray that he lives. 

The small complication of the doctors running out of blood for his operation is solved by the goodness of Cardo's fellow cop, Alessandra Romero (Denise Laurel). 

Telling Cardo's family about what happened, mainly Lola Flora (Susan Roces) and Alyana, proved to be the trickier problem. Clearly stressed, the two do not share in the longtime fans' thinking that Cardo is unkillable at this point. 

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Only Bungo seems convinced that Cardo is dead, proclaiming confidently: "Sa wakas patay na si Dalisay!" 

With Cardo revealed to still be clinging to what little life he has, Bungo might end up eating his own words and regret, ultimately, that he didn't go for the head when he had the clear chance.