LOOK: Vice Ganda pictured cuddling with Ion Perez


Posted at Jul 13 2019 03:21 AM

MANILA—A sweet photo of Vice Ganda hugging Ion Perez has made its way online this week, just days after the comedian posted for the first time a selfie of them on Instagram. 

The picture was uploaded by an Instagram page dedicated to Vice Ganda and Perez's supposed romantic relationship, and it was shared with a quote: "Having you near me feels so right." 

The rare photo captured the sweetness between Vice Ganda and Ion Perez. Instagram: @viceionation

The source of the photo remains unclear, as well as when and where it was exactly taken. 

The same Instagram account also shared photo of the two holding hands, apparently from Perez's Stories. 

A photo of Vice Ganda and Ion Perez, apparently from the latter's Instagram Stories, has drawn 'kilig' from fans of their supposed romantic relationship. Instagram: @viceionation

It was only last Sunday when Vice Ganda directly acknowledged Perez on social media by posting a selfie of them inside a dressing room.

It was the latest hint of their off-screen romance, a subject of speculation for months. Both Vice Ganda and Perez have not confirmed being a couple.