‘Your heartbreak led you to Erwan’: Anne speechless as Vice Ganda brings up Sam Milby


Posted at Jul 07 2019 11:15 AM

Anne Curtis visibly blushes as Vice Ganda candidly mentions her past ‘heartbreak’ over her failed relationship with Sam Milby. ABS-CBN

MANILA — Anne Curtis was caught off guard and was momentarily speechless as Vice Ganda mentioned her past “heartbreak” over her failed relationship with Sam Milby.

The candid exchange happened Saturday during the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment of “It’s Showtime,” where a contestant’s original composition about “friendzone” opened the topic of heartbreaks.

Vice Ganda initially teased co-host Ryan Bang over his failed attempt to romantically pursue Yeng Constantino, one of the judges present that day and who is now married.

Turning serious, Vice Ganda reminded Bang, whom he personally regards as his “son,” that “heartbreak is actually a blessing, because it will lead us to our destiny.”

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“Ang daming tao na kung hindi sila hiniwalayan ng jowa nila noon, hindi sila mapupunta doon sa talagang ka-partner pala nila,” Vice Ganda said.

The comedy superstar then diverted the topic to Curtis’ own controversial heartbreak in 2008, which saw her crying in a television interview over her breakup with Milby.

“Oh my gosh!” Curtis said, as she visibly blushed over Vice Ganda’s unexpected mention of her past romance.

“Namula ‘yung mukha niya!” Vice Ganda noticed.

After a volley of teasing from both sides, this time alluding to the comedian’s rumored romance with Ion Perez after similarly going through a heartbreak, Vice Ganda said: “Our heartbreak will lead us to a happier, safer place. It will lead us to the place where we rightfully belong.”

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Watch more in iWant or TFC.tv

Curtis and Milby were together, “on and off,” for four years. Formerly a popular “love team,” the two reunited onscreen in the 2014 fantaserye “Dyesebel.”

During a promotional interview for the series, the former couple belatedly revealed that they got back together after Curtis’ 2008 interview. They, however, ultimately broke up for a third time, with the actress initiating the separation.

Curtis got married to restaurateur and vlogger Erwan Heussaff in 2017. Milby, on the other hand, remains single and has described Curtis as his “greatest love” in various interviews.

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