2 more 'Idol Philippines' hopefuls booted out of competition


Posted at Jul 07 2019 09:19 PM

MANILA -- "Idol Philippines" is now down to 8 contestants after Renwick Benito and Trish Bonilla ended their journey on Sunday.

Benito and Bonilla landed in the bottom four, along with Lance Busa and Sheland Faelnar.

It was later announced that Busa and Faelnar were safe and can join the rest of the "Idol Philippines" hopefuls.

Faelnar received praise from the judges when she performed "Pangarap Lang."

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"There's something about you that's just so, like what Mama Reg said, so infectious and it's undeniable that you have such great talent," Moira dela Torre told Faelnar.

Busa, on the other hand, performed "Ako Muna" on Saturday.

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Meanwhile, Miguel Odron, Fatima Louise Lagueras and Dan Ombao showed off their versions of songs by Yeng Constantino and Erik Santos.

Odron performed "Kung Akin ang Mundo," while Lagueras performed "I'll Never Go."

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Watch more in iWant or TFC.tv

"Alam mo natuwa ako kay Miguel. You know, we chose you because we believe in you. You have such a beautiful voice, and we think, us four ha, we think you are so talented. The first time you performed live here, you were so uncomfortable. But I am so happy you're so different tonight," Regine Velasquez told Odron.

"From you performance last week, I thought that was perfect. Your performance last week, your energy, it totally suited your style of singing. You have this, like, Destiny's Child, R&B vibe, and I love it. But this week, it just didn't work for me. I just didn't get that same thing. Sorry," James Reid told Lagueras.

Ombao also earned praises for his performance of "Cool Off."

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"Yun 'yun. Kailangan nanunusok kayo, 'yung kumakanta. Kung masakit 'yung kanta, kailangan nasasaktan kami," Vice Ganda told Ombao.

Next week, the remaining contestants will be performing songs of Morissette Amon.